Friday, August 5, 2011


BLACK BUTLER - His Butler Able by 3DF Productions
3DF is proud to announce our production of BLACK BUTLER: His Butler, Able.  Based on the anime by A-1 Pictures, adapted from the manga by Yana Toboso, our non-profit presentation whisks us away to Victorian England.  In the first episode, we are introduced to Ciel Phantomhive, a young boy earl, who has made an unbreakable covenant contract with a demon: in exchange for his soul to feast upon, the demon must help Ciel avenge the murder of his parents.  The deal is made, and the demon takes the form of a human butler, whom Ciel christens Sebastian Michaelis.  Two years later, we get a look into a typical day at home, with a cast of wacky servants and a...most unfortunate guest.

* Download the full audio at the link above! *

ATTENTION: Black Butler is an anime rated TV-14, and features scenes that may be disturbing for some listeners.  Discretion is highly advised.

(In order of appearance)

Jason Marnocha

Rina Adachi
CIEL PHANTOMHIVE, the young lord

Curt Rose
FINNY, the gardener

Pam Larson
MEY-RIN, the housemaid

Dylan Spencer
BALDROY, the chef

Steven C. Phillips
Mr. DAMIANO, a most unfortunate guest

Narrated/Mixing/Directed by
Faith Kelter

Anime produced by A-1 Pictures, distributed in the states by FUNimation.  Original manga written by Yana Toboso.  "Monokuro no Kisu" (Introduction song) performed by SID.  "Lacrimosa" (Ending song) performed by Kalafina.  Sound effects from and the original anime.  Music from the Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji soundtrack.

* - 3DF is non-profit; solely for the fans by the fans, no money made.

Be sure to check out the Black Butler manga at your local bookstore, as well as the anime on DVD or via the web.  All episodes, including this one in its original epic form is available on distributor FUNimation's website!

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