Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Reaper Mini ~ "All in Good Time"

Memories by Dantelian
"Memories" by Dantelian; go show the artist some love!!


Based on the writings of Lord Onisyr
Adapted for audio by Faith Kelter

WILLIAM T. SPEARS ~ Faith Kelter
GRELL SUTCLIFF ~ Samantha Black

Freesound.org and SoundDogs.com

~ "Ghost Song" by Max Ablitzer
~ "Piano Bars," Sauver Mallia JRT Music Tele Music BMI SACEM
~ "You Must Love Me" from Evita (Instrumental); composer - Andrew Lloyd Webber

Author's Summary: "William and Grell reignited their romance with one simple agreement; one that is proving harder for them both to maintain. In the aftermath of Grell's near-death experience and the resurfacing of old complications, taking that next step is not an easy proposition."

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Please Be Aware!
1) This story is rated M on fanfiction.net, and this audio is no different. NSFW or Children, due to some language and situations.
2) The story takes place after the events of a previous work, "This Immortal Coil," another story that comes highly recommended by the director. Spoilers at your own risk, of course. But Will and Grell discuss how the author sees them in their Human lives, going by the headcanon that Reapers were once Human. William was an officer in the Royal Navy, and Grell was a high-birth aristocrat.

Director's Notes
I have been wanting to get some practice in with Campania and the anniversary of Jack the Ripper on the horizon. A lot of our VAs are excruciatingly busy in recent days, and the projects are taking a while. Completely understandable, but I was feeling a bit rusty and really wanted a mini project to work on. Thus, with the help of newcomer Samantha Black, we present our take on William T. Spears and Grell Sutcliff's voices. This isn't the first time two ladies have done a project together as men. Rina Adachi and myself once did a translated piece based on the Takarazuka production of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Likewise, I have always wanted to do something based on the work of a fan-author that I greatly admire, going by the pen name of Lord Onisyr (fanfiction.net and deviantArt). Her work with Grell Sutcliff has heavily inspired how I write or play the character, and she does an absolutely phenomenal job. All in Good Time is a follow-up piece to one of my two favorite stories from her, This Immortal Coil. It is the shorter of the two, and was a perfect choice for a mini-project. I truly hope Samantha and I did it justice, both in voice-work and overall presentation. It felt good to be behind the scenes again with an audio, especially coming from an author of this caliber.

[...though I really need to work on holding my dialect and trying to sound manly. ;)]

3DF Productions is non-profit. As with all of our audios, the story and characters are based on the series Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji, written by Yana Toboso. We are not associated with the author, nor do we make any money from these projects. This is all for fun, by the fans for the fans. We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE our listeners to check out the original sources. The manga books are available at your local bookstore. Show them your support! Thank you for listening!

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