Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"The Stench of Death"

If the wait for BLACK BUTLER: CAMPANIA is getting to you, then you will love this present that I was just given a little while ago. Complete surprise, unknown to me, and what a lovely one at that!

"The Stench of Death"
Co-written by Samantha Charland and BeautifulWriter
Narrated by Samantha Charland

A beautiful monologue, revealing the innermost thoughts of Angelina Durless-Barnett, the woman known among London Society as "Madam Red", from her descent into madness to her utmost final release into Death.

Samantha is one of the newest members of 3DF Productions. She made her debut as the voice of Madam Red in RED HOLY MOTHER, and will be playing Frances Midford in BLACK BUTLER: CAMPANIA.

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