Saturday, September 10, 2011


~ "Sweetness of Swiss Rolls" Download here!

On this day in Gyakuten Kenji history, Prosecutor Byrne Faraday and defendant Mack Rell were murdered in the courthouse during a recess.  Miles Edgeworth, Faraday's replacement, sets out to find his predecessor's killer amidst an odd cast of characters.  Thus, here at 3DF, we celebrate the actual date when that was due to happen, September 10th, 2011.

TURNABOUT REMINISCENCE: A Miles Edgeworth Story was our debut piece a year ago and I consider it near and dear to my heart.  I shed a "writer's depression" tear last week when it was finally concluded with Act 4.  It's had so many up's and down's, and yet it pulled through beautifully, introducing me to some of the greatest people I've ever had the honor of meeting.  See the Act 4 post for specific words of thanks.

Now, in honor of today, I have something very special that I've been keeping until after TR's final release.  Back when I started adapting the case for a script, I was having trouble coming up with an ending.  At the time, I wasn't sure if we were going to continue either Gyakuten Kenji or Saiban work, and the original case ending was made to set up for the game's final case.  I did eventually wind up writing the ending you hear in the finished product where Miles Edgeworth catches you up to his own present day.  But that was not the original choice.

In my online travels, I had found a great GK fan-fiction, "The Sweetness of Swiss Rolls," by writer 'Umi no Kanshisha.'  I fell in love with it immediately, and wrote to her requesting if we could use it as the ending for TR.  Sadly, she gave me the affirmative many months later after I had written the ending that made the cut and some VAs had already recorded lines for.  But I loved it so much that we agreed it could be a bonus feature with her approval and full credit.  And that's what you are receiving today.

This was also done before True Blue was called in to understudy Miles Edgeworth for Act 2 due to technical problems.  I wanted to give him some time in the spotlight as his Edgeworth is very well done, and thus he and I recorded the roles as Edgey and Franziska for the bonus feature.

A summary in the writer's own words: "After the brutal events of the 2nd KG-8 Incident, Miles and Franziska decide to calm down the best way they know how: indulging in Swiss rolls, snark, and a bit of bonding for good measure."

Please go into this having either 1) played the case or 2) listened to TR, as it contains spoilers for GK1-4, hence my having to wait til after Act 4 to release it.  This was also done very early on when I was first learning how to mix something not previously "set" with sound and music.  I was considering fixing it up, but I like the simplicity and charm it has as an "early" piece.  Gives it a real bonus feature feel.  I still want to go back and work on it someday.  Maybe for the "anniversary" next year :D

Until then, as always, we all own nothing nor do we make any mula for this at all.  All for fun.  Thank you again to the great cast of TR, to the writer of "Swiss Rolls" Umi no Kanshisha, and to True Blue for helping me out back-when with this little surprise.  Ladies and gentlemen, HAPPY TURNABOUT REMINISCENCE DAY!  Now enjoy this and then go listen to the case and/or play it through if you have the game! :D

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