Sunday, August 5, 2012

P3: Special Event - BLACK BUTLER Anniversary

Post-Production Podcast

~ Click here to listen and download the special Pre-Show Festivities! ~

  • Your favorite 3DF VAs had one hell of a time prior to recording the podcast itself! Come listen to hilarity, lessons in road safety from Curt Rose, and a surprise visit from Denise Kelter (Paula the maid in My Fair Lady)!

GUESTS: Jason Marnocha (Sebastian, Drocell, Eric Slingby in Stella); Rina Adachi (Ciel, Luci in Stella); Curt Rose (Finny, Grell, Claude); Dylan Spencer (William, Baldroy); Samantha Ylagan (Lizzie, Alois, Stella); James Hall (The Undertaker); Sukisho (Alan Humphries in Stella); Faith Kelter (Director, Madam Red, Pluto)
CO-HOSTS: Dylan Spencer and Faith Kelter
PLEASE NOTE: Like our BLACK BUTLER productions, both the podcast and the pre-show are not safe for work, nor around the kids. Also, during the podcast, please be on the spoiler alert for Black Butler Season 2. You have been warned.

It's been one year since the premiere of BLACK BUTLER: His Butler, Able, and it's not an anniversary without a party! In this special edition of the Post-Production Postcast, the cast of BLACK BUTLER gets together to reminisce about our favorite memories and craziest mishaps in recording this for posterity. And thanks to some of your questions, aspiring voice-actors can learn some secrets and behind-the-scenes work from 3DF's finest! So come celebrate with us and enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: As always, 3DF is all-fun non-profit. We are not associated with Yana Toboso, A-1 Pictures or FUNimation. We do this alongside our fellow fans out of respect and adoration of the original.

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