Thursday, September 6, 2012

CLUE: Main Cast Decided


After I announced CLUE a while back, my director senses immediately began tingling on who the main characters would go to. CLUE has always had a very colorful cast, whether talking about the film that we're set to adapt or even various incarnations of the game itself. (Did you know that there was actually a game show version in the UK? Look it up on YouTube; it's rather interesting!)

Thankfully, 3DF has the talent to do it. Your favorite VAs return to take on the wackiest suspects known to man. Minor roles have yet to be determined, but the main seven are as follows: James Hall as Wadsworth the butler, Jason Marnocha as Colonel Mustard, Samantha Ylagan as Mrs. White, Dylan Spencer as Professor Plum, Rina Adachi as Ms. Scarlet, Pam Larson as Mrs. Peacock, and Curt Rose as Mr. Green.

More news to come!

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  1. I'm so excited!!! There were a few of you I guessed, and overall, I think you all will be great! Can't wait to hear it when it's all done! <3