Tuesday, July 31, 2012

P3 Special Edition, This Sunday 8/5

So I previously mentioned something about a big special edition of the P3, our Post-Production Podcast. It's still on. It's still going to happen. Real life and scheduling and what not just tends to get in the way. It's a pain, but it's true. 3DF is sadly not our day job.

With some free time opening up, we are proceeding as planned. This Sunday, August 5th, some of 3DF's Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji fan-audio cast will be gathering to record a special post-finale edition of the P3. Memories, reminiscing, derailed conversation by the first subject, you know, the usual!

But free time isn't the only reason. August 5th is also the first anniversary of our first audio, His Butler, Able. We officially debuted the project on 8/5/11, and it's been a wonderful year since. So what better day to get together and celebrate the project that started it all?

Currently RSVPed the affirmative and scheduled to attend are the following: Jason Marnocha (Sebastian, Drocell, Eric Slingby), Rina Adachi (Ciel, Luci from Stella), Curt Rose (Grell, Finny), Dylan Spencer (William, Baldroy), Samantha Ylagan (Lizzie, Alois, Stella Brooks from Stella) and Pam Larson (Mey-Rin, Kat from Stella). Denise Kelter (Paula) is also planning to step in for an appearance. Please be aware, any of this can change at any time.

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